His wish was realized at last.

Whoever thought of this stupid plan should be fired.


I think she was conscious of being stared at by many boys.

You cannot catch a heavy box with one hand.

I read the most interesting book in my library.

He's quick with his hands.

Have you been sleeping?

Do you know where it is?

His presence of mind deserted him.

My town is surrounded by tall mountains.

For all her wealth, she is not happy.

She talked her into quitting her job.

Jamie didn't light any candles in her room.

How many people want to go swimming with us?

What are you lining up for?

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The largest bedroom faces south.


I don't believe we've been introduced.

I know Pantelis is in Boston.

Linley probably didn't go either.

Tell her yourself.

Jem's parents weren't happy.


You don't know what you're doing.


Is it valuable?


Nothing offends people worse than broken promises.

Hunts birds, catching them on the ground when they are sleeping or sitting on nests.

I'm going to go clean up.

Betsy was a school bus driver before he became a taxi driver.

Does John have a passport?

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I felt ill at ease.


Scores of people visited Japan.

Cory, your father asked you a question.

Get Leonard to leave.

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Did you give it to him last year?

Is that why Srinivas sent you here?

Which do you like better, white rice or brown rice?


Whether you like it or not doesn't matter.

My grandma is a very independent person.

Everyone on board was safe.

I know this is stupid.

They are so much alike that I don't know which is which.

The cat quietly crept up on the mouse from behind.

What do you think of this red hat?

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I made my first contact with him there.


Just don't surrender.

Sonny leaned down.

We chose a hotel near the subway.

I've started to learn French.

'My dear boy,' said Trevor, smiling, 'that old beggar, as you call him, is one of the richest men in Europe. He could buy all London tomorrow without overdrawing his account. He has a house in every capital, dines off gold plate, and can prevent Russia going to war when he chooses.'

She burst into laughter.

Miek isn't going to help Toufic.

I didn't go to school because I was sick.

I hate myself for my mistakes.

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Emily stole my heart.

I thought I'd leave that to you.

You ought to have read the book.

At any rate, that it had ended without serious incident was a small mercy.

I have a lot to learn from you.

They had a good command of French.

You won't have a reason to not want to get on it.

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This is true of your case also.


She insisted that he should stay where he was.

Fair enough.

They're tasting the rice.

He could've done it!

Oghuz languages are part of the Turkic language family.

Why does that bother you?

Sergeant's in a slump lately.

Let's take a group picture.

Don't say it behind my back.

Dalton is sitting right next to me.

I never feel the cold.

You are asked to refrain from smoking until the sign is switched off.

Skillful listening is the best remedy for loneliness, loquaciousness, and laryngitis.


Reiner pleaded not guilty.

What is your father's name?

Was Ami a sailor?


I'm completely cool about all of this.

"Little sentence, when will you tatoebify yourself?" "I will tatoebify myself when all little sentences tatoebify themselves."

She is shy and talks little.

Many leading British politicians studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford.

Why are you beating my mother?!

Are there any Japanese restaurants near here?

Stop being lazy and find something to do.


Bart is going to have to study harder.

Keep a tally of what you owe.

Poverty is a stranger to industry.

That's just nasty.

Everyone looks uncomfortable.

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Louise checked the list to make sure he had everything.

I watched a documentary about sushi.

The game was called off.

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They will announce the winner tomorrow.


They passed an uneasy night.

Soon the bath was cool enough for him to get into.

The invention was brought about by chance.

It's likely that Mwa would agree.

Please choose your character.

You've done an admirable job.

This is the first time I've ever made Marika happy.

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He swore that he would no longer drink.

The newest version uses facial-recognition software to validate a login.

Owen is using the blow torch.


He grabbed my arm.

I thought he was my younger brother.

Please enjoy our complimentary towels.

I must write.

This bed is too hard to sleep on.

I went to the wrong address.

Micky is stalking me.


How many humps would an offspring of a Bactrian and a dromedary camel get?

Would you please repeat your question?

He is not some superhero.

There was nothing left to do - the decision was made.

Have you checked our stock price recently?

They gave us a hearty welcome when we arrived.

I think I'd be a good teacher.

You three make a great team.

Hamilton heard Nora calling his name.

You're kidding me.

Tuna isn't invited to parties often.

It's going to be perfect.

When you are with an indecisive group, confidently propose something that no one would agree to.

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But it was like trying to stop the rain from falling.

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Everyone is talking about it.

Have you tried one of these?

Tell Diana you'd like to leave.


Could you carry this box for me, please?

Vance's sentences are very long.

You made me do it.

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You're very different from us.

Phil says he can't even work in this heat.

Allow me to demonstrate.

That's Hillel's car.

The teacher wants us to divide the work on this project.


Who's your favorite golfer?

Sorry again!

"I'm going to pull a rabbit out of the hat." "I'll pay to see that".


We can't just ignore Alastair.

The village is free from thieves.

I'm absolutely opposed to the tree being chopped down.


This is the second time I have arrived in China on my own.

Cathrin can understand why Myrick is feeling depressed.

He lives in the suburbs of Tokyo.

I thought Sassan was overreacting.

As usual he brought me nothing.


Theoretical physics was child's play to Einstein, but he couldn't figure out his income tax.

Are you telling me you forgot?

You don't stand a chance against him.


Willie was an addict.

No one had ever thought of selling ice before.

She was chosen from among many students.

You'll be sorry!

On main menu from this DVD there is no 'play the story' button.

Let's not bother Cathy with this.

I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

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Meehan hasn't seen Warren since they got divorced.

Sanjib is quite lucky.

A year will pass before we see each other again.


We can't protect Charley.

That was surprising.

That was a very inconvenient time to bring up the subject.

Cathy has a radio.

Few Indians live in Japan.


It took me three hours to finish my homework.